the slide!

We love to play games. And we love to create them. We've formed in 2012 and decided that the world will be better with our games. Every new day, new review, each new line of code and new graphic sketch, – all of these make us sure that our decision is very right.

We already made two hundred dollars selling our first title SOPOR, but we cannot stop! Maybe it is greed, but... We've developed two more games!
Fridge Break is about freeze, freedom and ropes and Tapobang is about shapes, colors and score. Follow me on Twitter to receive fresh updates about our games.

How to find us

We live in cold Siberian Russia, in town called Tomsk. We fine here and have some Internet. If you want to say us something, you obviously can come here and meet us face to face.
However, I strongly recommend you to use emails.

If you want to share your thoughts, write us to

If you are from media and want to know some details, go here or send us email to

If you found bugs in our games, you should write to

And while you're thinking what email is for you, try to play SOPOR. They say, it is horrible.

Source code on sale. Yes, we are selling source codes of our games. We have good ideas and good games to show, but we have not enough chips for marketing. It is the reason why very few people know about our projects. So, we agree to share our brilliant coded ideas for some price :) Write us to if you want to create great game using our code.

And while you're counting your funds, play SOPOR. They say, it's scary.