About zipSTED

We started at 2012. We are two persons: artist and developer.

In 2013 we developed SOPOR - gruesome platform game featuring a girl in a wheelchair. 12/17/2013 is the day of App Store release. We had no publisher, no marketing plan, we didn't show the game control to anyone before release, we just released the game and started to wait for fame and funds.

Then we understood that our SOPOR is not a successful game. We've raised about $50 for year of selling. FOR YEAR. You know, I thought it would be a little bit more.

So, we had to freeze SOPOR development. But we took a lesson and we was ready to start something new. Since late 2014 we're developing Fridge Break – the game about condensed milk tin who wants to escape from an old abandoned fridge.
Fridge Break has a very simple control like, you know, tap-tap :) It is a game for touch devices only, because mouse, trackball, touchpad, gamepad and joystick can not give you control like "do something in point I'm looking at" as fast as your own finger.

The latest game we've developed is Tapobang. We are moving from complicated games to simple and we feel good. Tapobang was developed within two months. It is a game about shapes, colors and speed. It has simple (but not ugly) graphics and understandable gameplay.
There is no one word in the game except of "Tapobang". Just images, icons, shapes and colors. If you know just one language you should create a game without words. So, you'll be extrimely right if you say that Tapobang is localized to each language on Earth.
Launch Tapobang when you want to kill some time and you kill it for sure :)


Download all Tapobang images as .zip

Fridge Break

Fridge Break is completed and you should feel free to try it out.

The game about condensed milk tin called Milly trying to find the way out of abandoned fridge. Control is simple: you tap to screen, rope is created from tin to the point you tapped, you tap again -- rope is disappearing. Playing Milly you meet other fridge citizens who doesn't have the same will to freedom as you. So they attack you with forks, eggs, plates and other fridge and kitchen stuff.
In the happy end, you have to return your freedom.

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Download all SOPOR images as .zip