ZIPSTED (Летнер Эдгар Игоревич) is an independent game development studio founded by Edgar Letner in 2012. At the beginning I'd been working on iOS games: I've released a gruesome physics-based platformer SOPOR, a rope-based arcade Fridge Break, and hyper casual game Tapobang.

In 2015 I've decided to create games for PC/Mac/Consoles, and I started with 2.5D puzzle-platformer INZIPID. Then I came up with shoot-'em-up platformer Pull the Trigger, which unfortunately was left unfinished.

In 2019 ZIPSTED has returned to the beginning: I made two mobile hyper casual games Fish Flip and Fish Jump.

In 2020, I was working on a title I consider to be a result of INZIPID and Pull the Trigger merge. The setting is similar to INZIPID: semi-dead world full of robots, gameplay is close to Pull the Trigger: it's 2.5D shoot'em up side-scroller twin-stick shooter. The game is called TRIM.

Currently, I'm developing hyper-casual games and testing their metrics with publishers. Games released in 2021: Witch Way and Long Raft.

TRIM Fish Flip Fish Jump INZIPID SOPOR Fridge Break Tapobang